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Week beginning Sunday 17th February 2019


Specialised residential care for people who have been diagnosed as having dementia and who can no longer live at home.

* May the Lord comfort and provide hope for the residents and they that feel the Lordís presence.

* Help for those who are struggling with loneliness and ill health. May the Lord be with them and bless them.

* For the relatives of residents, that they would feel secure and happy with the care provided.

* May the Heavenly Father be with everyone today as they do His work in Adams House. May staff have the strength, patience and understanding to do their best for the residents.

* Help for residents to find joy in everything they do today. May the |Lord shone His light upon the staff so that they might spread love, happiness and humour.

* For the Friendsí Group and surrounding churches that give of their time and fundraise to help enhance the service for residents.

* Adams House is thankful for the volunteers who have been moved by God to come and help at Adams House.

S and other local services, give thanks that we are blessed with other Godly brothers and sisters in these agencies.

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