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  • PRESBYTERY NEWS – From the Presbytery Clerk:

    I have been asked to draw your attention to ‘On the Road Events’ throughout November. The link below will give you further information and booking details:


    The events page within the Church of Scotland website is updated regularly and may be of interest to you: http://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/news_and_events/events


    The Church of Scotland has supported several different projects in the Holy Land and Tabeetha school is one which has a particular interest in. You are invited to hear Margaret Macdonald, head teacher at Tabeetha School who will be speaking at the Moorings Hotel, Motherwell on Monday 6th November at 7:00pm. There will be a finger buffet provided to give us an informal context in which to meet Margaret and get to know her and the work she is doing at Tabeetha. Hamilton Presbytery has had a longstanding relationship with Tabeetha and the World Church Committee would be delighted if you were able to attend and hear up to date information about the developments at the school at Tabeetha, and so provide practical and spiritual support for the school. If you would like to attend please contact Peter Chirnside <hamilton@sanctusmedia.com> by 27th October


    We meet on Wednesday from 12.30 – 1pm for lunch, then worship and sharing until 1.15 when we begin our Bible discussion. This session we are thinking about PRAYER 'An adventure with God' The reading this Wednesday 18th is Nehemiah 1: 1 – 2: 8 and the topic is 'Answered Prayer" If you cannot join us, here are a few of the questions we will be discussing - How does what you feel about something or someone affect the way you pray? What motive(s) ultimately prompts Nehemiah to approach the king? For what reasons might Nehemiah have returned to God's promises and previous dealings with the children of Israel? What lessons from Nehemiah's prayers help you in your own prayer life?

  • Crossreach

    Week beginning Sunday 15th October 2017


    An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) that packages the skills and expertise of our counselling services and offers it as a benefit provision to employers looking to invest in the emotional health and wellbeing of their employees.

    * Pray that the service would function as a pathway of support for employees who are struggling or going through periods of distress.

    * Pray that we would continue to gain knowledge and understanding about the nature of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace in order to develop services that are effective in meeting the needs of employers and their employees.

    * Pray that as a pilot social enterprise, the service would continue to grow and generate income in support of the overall stability and growth of CrossReach’s counselling services.

    * Give thanks for the excellent work of the counsellors who have been participating in this new project and for their openness to learn and develop with the service.

    * Pray that the service would be an instrumental voice to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues and raise awareness about how counselling can help improve emotional health and


    * Give thanks for the employers who have chosen to work with us and pray that the service would continue to grow and attract new opportunities

  • Last Week's Intimations

    The Lanarkshire Society of Organists - We are really looking forward to our next event taking place on 21st October at Airdrie: Cairnlea Parish Church of Scotland. This is a recital with Steven McIntyre, who is Assistant Organist of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow (the large church on Great Western Rd) working with Frikki Walker who has come along to the LSO before for a lovely come and sing at Hamilton. Steven has chosen a programme already which will show of the wonderful organ at Airdrie: Cairnlea, where Marjory Macdonald is organist.

    The recital is at the normal time of 2.30pm and tea/coffee etc. will be available afterwards.


    Team Jackson have been very supportive of this organisation and they are extremely grateful for what we offer each week. They have asked for a few specific items which they seem to run out of very quickly. They are in need of small items of toiletries like toothbrushes, shampoo, soap and the like. So if we could help with these basic essentials I am sure they will be received from grateful families.


    Office Bearers Online Resources page ( www.churchofscotland.org.uk/officebearers )

    This much sought after resources page covers the sheer scope of being office bearers in the Church of Scotland. Consisting of three main sections (‘Formation of the Kirk’, ‘Governance of the Kirk’ and ‘Practice in the Kirk’) and twenty two sub-sections, this page provides both theoretical, historical and practical information and extensive links for further exploration. Please do visit and explore the page. Full overviews of all topics are available as printable PDF files at the end of each page.

    Children and Youth Online Resources ( www.churchofscotland.org.uk/childrenandyouth )

    Another long waited and much sought after resources page is finally live, offering lots of information, resources and ideas for shaping our churches ministry with children and youth. This page is thoughtfully sectioned for Leaders, Church, Community, Young Adults and Events. It will signpost to resources and information, develop learning and equip with skills those working with children and youth. Do have a look and share with others who might be interested.

    Learn Online( www.churchofscotland.org.uk/learn )

    The Congregational Learning Team is developing more online content. Check our new Resources pages in Learn Online by clicking through the cover cards here. We also have new pages about the Learning Disability Working Group and the Rural Working Group. Plus, you can find lots of helpful connections on our Facebook page Rural Churches in Scotland


    To make my job easier when I am processing the accounts, I would appreciate if you could let me know if you amend or cancel your standing order.  Thanks,      Morag Hamilton


    The creche has loads of toys, games etc for the wee ones to play with each week, some of which are battery operated. Any donation of AA or AAA batteries will be very much appreciated – even if it's the wee cheap ones that only last a few weeks. As you can imagine the kids love to play with toys that make noises so just like you do with the sweeties for Rev Kay, if you are able to pick up a few £1 packets then please hand them in to Jennifer any Sunday, thanks.


    This is a local volunteer organisation formed of mainly parents who have been affected by alcoholism and addiction in the community. They are relatively new and mainly self supporting. They have a small office in a port-a-cabin 1 Petersburn Road ( beside the burger van) Please support them in your prayers and Rev Kay will intimate any fundraising events as she gets them. If you want to find out more they can be contacted at loveandlight.org@gmail.com or contact their manager Jane Chambers on 07875634701 or Bill on 07483102974

  • Presbytery Facebook Page

    The Presbytery Facebook page is now live. Either use this link https://www.facebook.com/HamiltonPresbytery/ or search for Presbytery of Hamilton when in Facebook. We hope to post useful and encouraging information as well as links to events both local and national. Please “like” the page to ensure that you receive notifications


    Our Church is starting a new adventure as an Eco-congregation. This is an exciting way of showing how passionately we care about God's creation. It means we are joining with other congregations all over Scotland and the rest of the world, of all denominations, in celebration of God's creation in all it's wonderful diversity, and in making our commitment to care for it.

    We hope this will enhance our worship and our church life in lots of different ways. To start with we are getting together a group of interested people, no matter what age or whether you're a member, no restrictions, to consider how take this venture forward in our own congregation. The only qualification is an interest.

    Please give your name to the minister or Drew Main if you're interested.

  • Friends of Jackson Church

    Past and Present ~ The church intends to setup a Facebook page to allows us to share stories with one another of our experiences involving Jackson Church. An opportunity not only to recall joyful and uplifting times here in Jackson Church, both past and present, but also the chance to connect to old friends and former members who may have moved away from Airdrie. We need your help! We would like to start with a couple of old photographs and stories to help generate initial interest -funny, factual, uplifting, poignant etc. So if you can provide a photograph with a story then we would like to hear from you. We also have some volunteers already willing to help administer content posted to this new page but would welcome further help from anyone else who has regular access to the Internet/Facebook.

    Please contact me  (Craig Taylor)  via email ragingbull67@hotmail.co.uk

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