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    At the time of the Scottish Referendum churches were encouraged to hold events to encourage “respectful dialogue”. A time of prayer has been organised leading up to the General Election led by different clerics and churches with a focus on different topics. They will be held on the 5 Thursday's before and including the election day itself. They will all begin at 12 noon and last for about 15 minutes and be led by the cleric of the host church.
    Our first one was held on Thursday 14th November at The New Wellwynd Parish Church, Prayer Focus - Tolerance then on Thursday 21st November at St Paul & St John's, Episcopal Church, Prayer Focus - Integrity. On Thursday 28th November it was at St Edward's RC Church, Prayer Focus - Clarity. On Thursday 5th December it was at The New Wellwynd, Prayer Focus - Liberty
    This week - Thursday 12th December at Jackson Parish Church, Prayer Focus - Community


    Week beginning Sunday 8th December 2019
    Whinnieknowe, Nairn
    Whinnieknowe is a care home for older people. It was the first care home in Nairn and will be celebrating its 70th Anniversary in 2019.
    * Give thanks for the harmony within the home and the pleasant atmosphere appreciated by visitors and professionals, may this continue and the glory be given to God.
    * Thanks for the home’s Friends Group members and volunteers who provide entertainment, services and fundraising, may they be blessed for the generous giving of their time and resources.
    * For the mental and physical wellbeing of all team members, may God help them to have quality time for themselves and the people they love.
    * Thanks for the 70th anniversary of Whinnieknowe and for 150 years of CrossReach, may this be an opportunity for awareness raising and to strengthen the home’s community outreach.
    * Inspiration for all aspects of the service; may love, grace and compassion be a source of joy to each and every client.
    * Remember the families and friends of residents, may the staff be a source of encouragement, support, strength and comfort for them.
    * Thanks for the Whinnieknowe staff team, may God grant health and happiness to them and to their families.


    Will be unavailable this Tuesday and Wednesday. If you need any pastoral support or any other information please speak to Janet Burden, Session Clerk in the first instance.


    The cards are now ready for delivery to the parish. Each year we eventually get all the cards delivered and the Kirk Session and Rev Kay are extremely grateful.. However, there are always the faithful few who deliver more than their fair share to make sure this is accomplished. So please, if you are able, take a street near you, and spread the good news of the birth of the Christ Child. This is practical mission and evangelism, it is so much more than a mail drop. So please help if you can. Thank you.

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    Will not meet again until Wednesday 8th January 2020.


    This year is on Sunday 15th December at 6pm. Tickets have not been printed yet, but they will be delivered to Rev Kay as soon as possible. All churches will have less allocation this year as there will be joint choir from Tollbrae and St Edwards, 55 strong, so you can appreciate each child will be allocated 2 tickets for parents and the Town Hall stipulates no more than 500 seats. Janet Burden still has some tickets so please speak to her if you would like to go to the concert.

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