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I have a huge heartfelt apology to make - I promised I would update this wee blog more often - and I promised that in September of last year, and I haven't done so - much to my shame when I encourage my own church groups to do it!  The Rev will do better, there's a were ditty I say which is DO YOU BEST BETTER AND DO YOUR BETTER BEST...so I will take a healthy dose of my own sentiment....promise!

I am sure like me your thoughts and prayers this past month have been with the victims, survivors and the families of those affected by Manchester and London terrorist attacks and also by the awful horrific fire in the tower block in London.  Times like that leave you speechless with no effective words, people don't have the right words to say, don't know what to say and apprehensive about saying anything at all incase it offends.  What we can do is pray....God hears all our prayers,...spoken, silent, tears and groans, He hears them and He responds.  Look at the outpouring of community spirit, all on hand within minutes of each occasion, that's God at work whether people realise that or not.  In the midst of all the tragedies and evil in His world, there is much much more love and help and hope and community....always hold on to that.

So, nearly summer holiday....the sun is shining somewhere :)  Jackson has had a busy session with all the organisations, Christian festivals and community groups using the church.  We are in the process on organising our summer holiday club for children in the community and this year our theme is The Prodigal Son.  I don;t know about the prodigal son getting welcomed home after his travels, but all the leaders are glad to get home soak in a bath and put their feet up after a fun filled exhaustive week...all very worthwhile.  I personally love it and I am sure I speak on behalf of all those who help out, and I THINK the children enjoy it too.

You will notice that when you pass the church we have a banner which says God Loves You NO MATTER WHAT!! I firmly believe that and we have adopted it as our church motto.  The children in the local primary schools to which I am chaplain all shout NO MATTER WHAT  in unison when I say the phrase God Loves You............and it is our hope and prayer that some day, some where, that truth will become a reality to them as they grow in faith and come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their friend and Saviour.  

I hope you had a peaceful and blessed summer wherever you go and make lots of memories.

Every Blessing

Rev Kay :)

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