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Well after the rest of the summer months  I am back to update my 'wee blog' and promise to try and do so more often.

When I last commented here I informed you I was going to America to conduct my God-Daughters wedding and I am happy to report that all went well and almost smooth sailing!  It was a very Scottish affair, all the groomsmen were in kilts, we had Scottish piping music, the quaich was used as part of the wedding ceremony where the bride and groom served each other ( old Celtic wedding tradition) but instead of whiskey, it was our other national drink, good old Irn Bru....so happy day was had by all.....and to crown it all my friend became a granny while I was there, not by  the bride I hasten to add, but her son. :)

We had a very busy and successful Summer Holiday Club the first week of the school holidays where we shared with approximately 90 children each day the story of the Good Samaritan which ended with a short drama they performed for their parents on the last day, that was after their stomachs were full of pizza and chips which is their treat at the end of the week.  It is very uplifting and satisfying for all the church members who volunteer to know that in some small way they have shared their faith and a bible story with youngsters through, play, craft, baking, painting and drama, beginning and ending with a short act of worship, especially with the 'restrictions' within schools now for religious observance.

So back to the beginning if a busy session in church life, all organisations have started up again and we are planning for our Harvest Thanksgiving Service in a few weeks time which also includes a Baptism, then we will be getting ready for our C.......s celebrations ( I refuse to use the word since we are still in September) in between we have our Communion Season and Remembrance Day.

You will notice that when you pass the church we have a banner which says God Loves You NO MATTER WHAT!! I firmly believe that and we have adopted it as our church motto.  The children in the local primary schools to which I am chaplain all shout NO MATTER WHAT  in unison when I say the phrase God Loves You............and it is our hope and prayer that some day, some where, that truth will become a reality to them as they grow in faith and come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their friend and Saviour.  

I hope you had a peaceful and blessed summer wherever you went and made lots of memories.

Every Blessing

Rev Kay :)

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