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    Due to the adverse weather the first film evening of 2020 was cancelled and will be shown tomorrow evening Monday 17th February at 7.00pm in the lower rear halls, when a selection of industrial heritage, scenic and comedy films will be shown. Light refreshments will be available.


    If you are interested in finding out more about the faith with a view to joining the church please give your name to Rev Kay.   There are four people so far and Rev Kay hopes to start the classes in the next few weeks,

  • SAS

    ĎSeekers and Searchers' meet every Wednesday in the Small Halls to share worship, fellowship as we discuss and share our faith, and is open to everyone. 12 Ė 12.30 lunch, fellowship follows thereafter. This sessions topic is entitled PRAYER An Adventure with God. This Wednesday 19th February we will be reading 1 Samuel 1 and thinking about " Being Honest with God- Hannah " Some thoughts for you to ponder: In what ways can suffering strengthen a Christian's faith?; What evidence is there in the passage of faithful and godly living by Elkanah and his family?


    Week beginning Sunday 16th February 2020
    Adams House, Johnstone
    A specialist residential care home for 30 older people with a diagnosis of dementia.

    * Comfort and hope for the residents of the service; may they feel the presence of Godís love surrounding them in this place they call home.

    * That our Heavenly Father would be with everyone as they do His work in this home; blessing the staff with strength, patience and understanding to do the best they can day by day

    * That God be with all our residents and help them to find some joy and laughter in everything they do today

    .* For the residents of Adams House as some days can be more difficult than others; may God show His mercy towards them and give them peace

    .* Remember staff who are unwell; may Godís blessing be on each one to restore health and wellbeing for future days.

    * Adams House are thankful to the Friends Group and Fundraising team and to everyone who volunteers and takes part in the activities to raise money and awareness for the house

    * May everyone in Adams House, staff and residents, all feel Godís presence like a comforting spirit walking beside them in love and peace.

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